2022 Courses



Presenter: Sara Cash

Come learn how to inform and persuade! Practice your public speaking skills and learn how to craft a foolproof argument in this fast-paced class filled with games, discussions, and formal debates. Tackle topics ranging from whether homework should be abolished (Yay!) to whether Barbie is a good role model for girls (Seriously?).


Presenter: Sebbie Law    Additional Fee: $10 materials fee 

Come join us for an interactive maker camp where you will use a variety of ordinary objects to create a series of projects. These projects will include challenges such as simple Rube Goldberg machines and engineering design challenges.


Presenter: Sebbie Law    Additional Fee: $5 materials fee 

3D modeling and printing is a rapidly advancing technology that allows digital objects to emerge into the physical world. It has applications in many fields including medicine, engineering, and even archeology. In this class you will design, edit, and share your own 3D models. You will learn the methods, materials, and limitations of 3D printing. By the end of the class, you will have prepared an object for printing on a 3D printer. (To have an object printed you must follow the specifications given to you in class.) Due to the time required to print objects not all will be printed during class time.


Presenter: Chelsea Grimm        

Do you like to write and gather clues and details to solve a problem? Learn to be an investigative journalist in this course. Go through the process of a mock story and learn tools and skills of how to write effectively for a major publication. (like a newspaper, magazine, etc.)


Presenter: Chelsea Grimm        

Do you want to become a published literary author? Students will learn and practice various writing techniques, such as character development, conflict, developing an idea, etc. and craft an original short story in their own creative voice.


Presenter: Eduardo Lopez-Parra

Students will participate in moderate to high intensity workouts to help strengthen their
cardio, strength and agility


Presenter: Sebastian Law     

Come join us to learn about TinkerCad (https://www.tinkercad.com), a 3D design program which can be used for 3D printing if you have access to a 3D printer. Students will be taught a variety of skills to create, design and make all sorts of objects. Students will then take those skills and create their own creative designs. No experience necessary. Please make sure your device can access the tinkercad website before signing up for this camp.


Presenter: Emily Buasriyottia       

Workshop on different animal footprints, an introduction to phylogenetic trees and relationships, and learning about different synapomorphies of different clades of animals, etc.



Presenter: Spencer Ford

This course will focus on Pacific NW marine ecosystems such as the Muddy bottom Bay, Rocky Intertidal, and Kelp Forests. There will also be a special lecture on Mangroves and how they are extremely important to coastal communities. Lastly, we will learn about threats to each habitat and problem solve our way to possible solutions.


Presenter: Greta Babbitt         

This course will focus on the basics of robotics and engineering. We will cover the basic types of engineering and how they can be applied to future careers, participate in fun competitions and projects, and learn how to code, build, and design LEGO robots. Throughout this course, students will gain a larger understanding of engineering and robotics applying to STEM fields through hands-on in-class activities. No previous LEGO robotics experience is required.


Presenter: Madeleine Getz

Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered what you see? Throughout the centuries, many people have. The constellations tell us fascinating stories through mythological stories that explain our zodiac and times past. Dive into the journey of the story of our stars told through the incredible mythological tales from long ago. Build your own constellation, name it, and tell your own story. Learn constellations in the night sky and share these amazing stories with all you know so the lasting tales will live on.